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In the Greek mythology, Ares is the God of War. Ares Operations is a collective of serious Airsoft enthusiasts that primarily seek the challenge of being part of simulated military battles. Ares is a symbol for our conviction.

We are no re-enactors. We are no soldiers displayed in museums. We are no Capture the flag gamers. We are no Airsoft-Kids. Airsoft is only the vehicle for our visions of MilSim.

MilSim stands for Military Simulation. Military Simulation has the meaning of simulating military operations with the highest degree of realism. According to that, the "Mil" has to be seen more as a mental adjustment instead of a more restricted set of rules. “Mil” is the application of useful tactics and strategies as an opposite to shooting wild. “Mil” is an absolutely disciplined team effort and therefore excludes all ego shooters. “Sim” illustrates realistic operations or operation basics, instead of copying computer game scenarios or Hollywood movies. “Sim” requires the gamer to replace comfort by self-discipline, like the real soldiers and warriors. This is called “Hard Routine” and lets the gamer develop a feeling of “being there”. “Sim” uses Airsoft weaponary as the best balance between gaming and reality. That’s because we don’t want to hurt someone seriously but want to feel the adrenaline as real as it can get in this hobby.

We are no mercenary re-enactors, meaning that we do not play mercenaries – Ares Operations considers itself as a real service provider and therefore can be “hired” for real.
Our clients can be other Airsoft teams, Airsoft event organizers or Airsoft organizations, that require tactical support (leaders or troopers), instructors or marshals for their events. With our concept of the Airsoft Mercenary we want to help you to close your tactical gaps in gameplay and to support you in your gaming endeavors.

Ares Operations is your tactical advantage.
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